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May 23, 2006

The Da Vinci Code

Well, that film now hit Austria!

And I didn't go to see it! And I most certainly won't!

No! No! No! to all you bible-thumbers and hipocrites. It's not because I agree with you.
It's just so that I read the book literally years ago. Liked it. Can't imagine I'd like the film. My mind now got a different image of those main characters than the actors look like. So I won't go look at them.

But, to all those morons out there:

It is still only FICTION!

... it even says so on the book cover! If you'd been to most of those places mentioned in the book, you'd even see those small discrepancies.

So what!
It's a good book, and I enjoyed it.
But still fiction, so why the riot?


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